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Official Decree!

Alas thy wait has terminated. "Renaissancing", the first of many bops, is released and your patience has garnished you a place on the Royal Court of Edward the First! Many congratulations. Please enjoyeth all this court has to offer from bops to informed fashion that ye may seek out in the Royal Faire Swag Shoppe. If it would so please thee as to stay abreast with the goings oneth in The Court, please subscribe below for the scrolls of Edward the First to be delivered to thee on a common basis.

The first matter of influence from this Court, informs thus every Friday hence from the 2nd day of July in the year 2021 of his Highness, a new release of bop shall droppeth. Pay heed to all medias of social as they shall updateth thee on new sounds and ways for thy Brethren to sway forth and backeth, up and down in cohesion with rhythms and sounds.

Subscribeth to remain in these good graces, and we shall see you around The Court.

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